Professor Teaches Word 2003 Advanced

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Chapter #1. Formatting Documents
• Creating and Applying Styles
• Modifying Styles
• Viewing and Clearing Formats
• Creating and Formatting Sections
• Controlling Text Flowv
• Creating Footnotes
• Creating Endnotes
• Sorting Information
• Customizing Toolbars and Menus

Chapter #2. Organizing Long Documents
• Creating a Master Document
• Building a Table of Contents
• Modifying a Table of Contents
• Adding an Index
• Using Bookmarks
• Inserting a Cross-Reference
• Navigating with the Document Map
v Chapter #3. Tables, Pictures, and Charts
• Merging and Splitting Table Cells
• Performing Calculations in a Table
• Linking to Worksheets
• Creating Graphics
• Modifying and Moving Graphics
• Aligning Text with Graphics
• Creating Charts
• Modifying Charts

Chapter #4. Using Mail Merge
• Understanding Mail Merge
• Creating the Main Document
• Creating a Data Source
• Sorting and Filtering Records
• Inserting Merge Fields
• Merging the Data Source
• Generating Mailing Labels
• Merging Outlook Contacts

Chapter #5. Macros, Forms, and Hyperlinks
• Creating a Macro
• Running a Macro
• Editing a Macro
• Creating a Form
• Working with Form Controls
• Using a Form
• Modifying a Form
• Adding a Hyperlink
• Modifying a Hyperlink

Chapter #6. Collaborating with Workgroups
• Understanding Workgroups
• Tracking Document Changes
• Reviewing Tracked Changes
• Managing Revised Documents
• Creating Multiple Document Versions
• Protecting Documents
• Attaching Digital Signatures
• Setting Default File Locations
• Working with Web Pages